Artist talk:

Come and hear visual artist Kristina Steinbock talk about her artistic practice and her work with blindness, once again providing the theme for her current video work En romantisk forestilling om blindhed - de første scener ("A Romantic Show on Blindness - the First Scenes").

The work takes as its point of departure a sensuous way of looking at blindness through three blind young people’s perception of the world, and it is a part of FOKUS 2014 video art festival at Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Centre.

In recent years, Steinbock has examined the blind human being – both in terms of a philosophical blindness and the concrete physical one. Her works are shaped from a performative documentary approach in which the meeting with real life individuals becomes templates for a staged universe.

The talk ends with a live performance by Nina Schneidermann, one of the three participants in the video work.

We suggest you familiarise yourself with the work, located at the Upper Gallery of Nikolaj Kunsthal, prior to the artist talk. But if not, there will, of course, be ample opportunity to do so after the presentation.

The artist talk is free once the entrance fee (DKK 20.-) has been paid.