Artist talk:
"Skammekrogen (the Doghouse)"

How do you enter another person?

Come to an artist talk with the people behind the pioneering experiment and video project Skammekrogen ("The Doghouse"), and hear how the newest virtual reality technology - Occulus Rift - expands the possibilities of film art, enabling the audience to become complete immersed in the film through the eyes and ears of the actors.

Skammekrogen has been created by Johan Knattrup Jensen, Mads Damsbo and Dark Matters

With this new technology, we as filmmakers, artists and story tellers find ourselves in a land of opportunities while at the same time confronted with unforeseen challenges. Skammekrogen explores audience identification and empathy as well as the significance of thresholds in their journey through this "into the body" experience. - Mads Damsbo

The actors are Sofie Stougaard, Ole Boisen, Katrine Bruun, Benjamin Engell, and Sebastian Teschemacher.

See more about the work on or on Skammekrogen’s Facebook.