BACK TO THE FUTURE - a talk about the retrospective exhibition

Tilbage til fremtiden - en samtale om den retrospektive udstilling som format

The retrospective exhibition is a much used exhibition format, which, however, is rarely discussed. Which particular approaches and thoughts underlie the use of this format? And how can the curator relate to it when working with a dead artist and historical material? 

This talk includes Andrea Rygg Karberg, curator of the exhibition Gerda Wegener, ARKEN, 2015, Vibeke Petersen, curator of Aagaard Andersen i brug, (“Aagaard Andersen Engaged in Use”), Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, 2013 and Johanne Løgstrup, curator of Museet er lukket – en udstilling om Knud Pedersen (“The Museum Is Closed - an Exhibition about Knud Pedersen”), Nikolaj Kunsthal, 2015. With Pernille Albrethsen as the moderator, the talk will address how working with the retrospective exhibition always constitutes a certain chosen look at the past but with the hope of changing the future.