Copenhagen Light Festival

We're happy to once again be part of Copenhagen Light Festival in 2019

This year Nikolaj Kunsthal has the pleasure of being able to host two light-installations! Arthur van der Zaag's Windows of Light, which is visible from Nikolaj Square after 6pm every night, as well as a laserbeam connecting us to the heart of Tivoli!

As a tribute to the beautiful in the energy of light, and as a reference to the Danish Niels Bohr’s atomic model and the principle of light transmission, the green laser – one of the most distilled forms of light – connects the heart of Tivoli with the spire at Nikolaj Kunsthal. It stretches one kilometer and reaches 65 meters in the air between the two places during the Copenhagen Light Festival.

Every day at sunset the beam turns on as an extension of winter’s sparse sunbeams and works very concrete as a indicator of what time the sun has gone below the horizon. The laser beam marks the central axis of the festival.

The artist Martin Ersted from the collaboration Båll & Brand is behind the work in collaboration with Tivoli and Nikolaj Kunsthal.