Culture Night 2013

On Culture Night at Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Centre, you can experience Roger Ballen's penetrating photographic gaze and brilliant recording of people on the edge of society. See, among other works, the music video "I FINK U FREEKY" which Ballen has created in collaboration with the South African white trash electro-rap trio Die Antwoord. 

Nikolaj Kunsthal furthermore presents a mini-festival of interactive play, digital innovation and music that stretches the limits. You can visit an exclusive computer game nightclub; create new instruments from electronic gadgets; compose music with your body; catch vermin in the sewers under the church square with your iPad; and enjoy a beautiful and innovative concert. 



18.00 – 00.00:

Experience "Roger Ballen: Retrospective"

16.00 – 23.00:

Experience and play the games under Netfilmmakers’ programme ’Bugs’. Sneak a preview of our Culture Night activities with the game Kryb on the square outside Nikolaj Kunsthal from 4 to 6 pm! 

18.00 – 18.30:

Kassandra Wellendorf and Daniel Skaale present the game ’Kryb’

18.00 – 21.30:

CEO – Bend-O-Rama arranges circuit bending workshop

18.00 – 22.45:

w00t Game Clubbing at the cinema of Nikolaj Kunsthal

18.30 – 19.00:

Mogens Jacobsen presents the game ’Meeto’

20.00 – 20.30:

Thomas Ryder presents the game ’Mimics’


Concert with circuit-bending workshop participants

22.00 – 22.45:

Concert with CEO – Bend-O-Rama

23.00 – 00.00:

Concert with Gry Bagøien. Visuals by artist Rikke Benborg.