FOKUS - guided tour in VR:LAB - Peer Review

Explore a new world mixing film and virtual reality! Join a guided tour that will take its point of departure in the project, VR:LAB - PEER REVIEW, consisting of nine virtual reality works installed all the way up through the Nikolaj Kunsthal tower. The works have different approaches, agendas and raise different questions, but common to them all is that they want to make film into something physical, challenging the way in which we perceive film.

The guided tour is for free, when the admission has been paid. Bring your own smartphone - compatible VR goggles can be purchased or borrowed at Nikolaj Kunsthal

VR:LAB - PEER REVIEW is curated by Johan Knattrup Jensen and Mads Damsbo and is produced by Darshika Karunahara in collaboration with Nikolaj Kunsthal.