FOKUS - prize-giving: FOKUS 2016 open call

Louis Henderson "All that is solid" (2015). Still.

Join us for a festive evening where we will name three works to be the winners of this year’s open call. 

We are happy to announce that the FOKUS open call this year received 250 newly produced works. The entries are both Danish and international, and together they paint a comprehensive picture of the variety of video art format and where it might be heading. With video works from 34 different countries, from Iran to the US and from Chile to Indonesia and Italy, and all submitted to our open call competition, we were prompted by the high quality of these many work, to organise our open call somewhat differently this year, notably expanding the format. A jury has therefore selected 30 works to be shown for the duration of the festival period, at the end of which the jury will decide which three will be the winners of the FOKUS 2016 open call.