FOKUS - silent movie performance: FELLESKASSEN Å være, å gjøre / To be, to do

Felleskassen "Å være, å gjøre / To be, to do". Still.

Å være, å gjøre / To be, to do is a silent movie performance by Felleskassen. The starting point is a family photo album that has been reinterpreted as a musical score. A prologue introduces infinitive clauses and, following this, the film presents photos from the album in a scrolling movement. Each photo functions as a note and ties together the scroll of pictures in a musical structure that is performed live on a harmonica. Å være, å gjøre / To be, to do is about the passing of time and the life lived in a reconstruction of present moments. 

Felleskassen is a Norwegian artists duo founded in 2014, comprising visual artist Tonje Alice Madsen and composer and musician Camilla Vatne Baratt-Due. The performance Å være, å gjøre / To be, to do was premiered at the FASE Festival for Sound Art in Berlin 2015 and is shown in Denmark for the first time at FOKUS 2016.

Music and composition: Camilla Vatne Barratt-Due.
Film and prologue: Tonje Alice Madsen.