INFINITELY DEEP - Gastronomic total experience in David Lynch's world

INFINITELY DEEP - Gastronomic total experience in David Lynch's world. Get your tickets HERE
Come to a sensory total experience when Copenhagen Architecture Festival in collaboration with Nikolaj Kunsthal invites the audience to an evening of Lynchian dimensions. Here you will experience being led through various tableaux with servings of food, drinks, music and tales in Nikolaj Kunsthal's intricate corridors and quirky angles.
The experience is staged by The Tower Prophets aka Christian Friedländer and Dicki Lakha in collaboration with the musicians and composers Mikkel Hess and Peter Albrechtsen and the chefs and artists Mette Martinussen and Augusta Sørensen. A unique gastronomic experience is guaranteed in the infinite deepexhibition , and just as in David Lynch's alluring, beautiful and disturbing world, you don't know what's hiding around the next corner.
The experience takes place in David Lynch's current photo exhibition "InfiniteDeep" in Nikolaj Kunsthal.
The event will take place on 11, 12, 13 October at 18:30, 19:15 and 20:00 in Nikolaj Kunsthal. The crowd is accompanied around the house in smaller groups. There are a limited number of tickets. Price per person: 950 kr. The ticket includes admission to Nikolaj Kunsthal, food, drink and performative features along the way. Indicative duration: 2 hours.