Kunstakademiets Billedkunstskolers Bachelorudstilling

As part of the Bachelor Exhibition of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts opening on the 18th of May, Erdal Bilici has curated an exhibition in one of the towers and adjoined halls of Nikolaj Kunsthal together with his fellow artist Mikkeline Lerche Daa. The exhibition presents a series of works consisting of 16 mm film projections, infrared photography by Erdal Bilici and iron reliefs and sculptures by Mikkeline Lerche Daa. Rather than an opening, a reception will be held on Sunday 20th at 14:00 where coffee and snacks will be served. The exhibition is open from friday 18th of may - thursday 24th of may. All days from 12-18. Entrance is on the back side of the building. Admissions are free and everyone is welcome. For more information about the BFA show of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts please visit: 111.bachelorudstilling.dk