Nikolaj Fernisering:
Hanne Nielsen & Birgit Johnsen: Drifting

Fotografisk Center and Nikolaj Kunsthal cordially invite you to the opening of Drifting by Hanne Nielsen & Birgit Johnson.

With Drifting the two video artists Hanne Nielsen and Birgit Johnsen have created a completely new film installation for several projectors. Elements of fiction and documentation mix and pose questions to the validity of the narrative. The project takes its starting point in a real event from 2006 – the story of an unidentifiable man, drifting around on a raft in the Skagerrak. Drifting explores questions of identity, nationality and affiliation, all the while the installation deals with overarching existential and socio-political issues.

The exhibition Drifting is curated by Fotografisk Center and shown in collaboration with Nikolaj Kunsthal.

The exhibition will be opened by philosopher Jørgen Dehs.