Nikolaj Talk: Iben Mondrup: My Greenland

Nikolaj Talk

Iben Mondrup: My Greenland

In connection to the photo exhibition ‘It’s All WHITE’ by Anna Domnick, we tune in on Greenland and the fragility of the Ice Sheet. We are happy to introduce writer Iben Mondrup for a talk at Nikolaj Kunsthal. Mondrup will give a literary picture of what Arctic, and specifically Greenland, is in her own words. A modern society where people live and try to agree on a joint future.

Iben Mondrup (b.1969) grew up in Greenland and was educated as a visual artist at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. However it was as a writer she truly has had her voice heard. She is known for her literature full of images and her sensuous language, but also for her ability to describe human relations. Something she fully shows in her novel GODHAVN, which depicts three Danish children growing up in a tiny Greenlandic hunter society. She says that her childhood in Greenland as well as her artistic background are crucial for her writing.


It's free to participate after having bought an entrance ticket. Tickets can be bought here or in the door.