Sparkling Sound Festival

In both Greece and Denmark, there is currently a bubbling scene of new sound art in a post-laptop and post-circuit-bender movement with an interplay of numerous sound media set up with several speakers and acoustic objects.

With the godfather of electronic music, Greek Iannis Xenakis, as its inspiration, ALTERATION has sought out two of the most progressive contemporary electronic musicians of the vital Greek sound art scene. Experience Marinos Koutsomichalis and Tasos Stamou in an intimate yet great festival in the company of the four Danish sound artists 
SØS Gunver Ryberg, Sofus Forsberg, Morten Carlsen and Jørgen Teller. 

Tasos Stamou (GR) //

London-based self-taught electro-acoustic composer and improvising music artist.

Stamou presents his project ‘Umami’, mixing the improvised performance of music with live processing of signals and handmade electronics. He creates an interactive sound universe, in which the sounds from the acoustic zither instrument combine with its distorted, autonomous and digital replica.

Morten Carlsen (DK) //

Musician and composer with robotics, installations and interactive compositions on his lengthy CV.

Carlsen’s project is called ‘Frozen Sound’, taking its departure in the sound of 400 Edison phonograph wax cylinders, left untouched for more than a century. Bacteria and decay have erased the harmonic oscillations and left an unheard-of richness of sound in the rasped wax. This composition uses noise to put algorithmic structures in play.

Jørgen Teller (DK) //

Curator, guitarist, electronic musician, sound artist, composer, songwriter, co-laboratories.

Teller presents a new work with the title ‘Kriti Tubes’. It is a work of processed field recordings of tubes in different moods, made at Crete in the Autumn of 2012. In a post-industrial atmosphere, this is a play with the sounds of the tubes and the flexibility of the sound material. The music is performed on Pacemaker, Nintendo DS, laptop and with vocals.

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