This Thursday performance in on the menu, when Belgian artist Steve Schepens visits Nikolaj Contemporary Art Centre.
During his performance Steve Schepens will make mayonaise. Mayonaise is considered the perfect compagnion to “frites”, a Belgian national dish. The recipe he uses is a family recipe from his grandfather. The mayonaise produced during this performance will be sold as an edition in jars with etiquettes drawn by the artist.  
Steve's Wonder Mayonnaise can be seen as metaphor of the ephemeral glamour and immediate celebration of life and it's “belgianess”: the absurdity and the  the surrealism. It is also an invitation for Denmark to come and taste a piece of Belgian culture. 
Steve Schepens is represented by Marianne Friis Gallery, Copenhagen and Galerie Van De Weghe, Antwerp. Besides his work as visual artist, he also writes for several international art magazines and is founder of BELGIE art centre and ESc art centre. In October and November 2013 the artist is on residency in Copenhagen at DIVA.