HackAToy - Hack and burn!

It's time to pull your old toys from the drawers!

Here everything is allowed. Barbie gets buttons she had no idea she needed, bears recite dark 80’s poetry when you press their paws, and toys get burned to new identities.

In other words, the toy must be hacked!

During the event children and everyone with old toys can leave their old toys to a toy hacker who then have free hands to transform ...

The toys are hacked during the day and wil in the following week be exhibited at the play festival w00t held at the KU.BE-site, Frederiksberg, 25th-26th May. After the festival the toy will be returned to their owners. You can also experience installations with preproduced toys, 'talks' about play and toys, play games you never knew existed and burn your old teddy with a flamethrower.

The event is produced by w00t/Labitat and Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center.



16:15: Welcome by Thomas Vigild (w00t)

16:25: Hack a Toy I + background music + bar

17.00: Short Talk by Tim Garbo and Anders from Labitat

17:20: Hack a Toy II + background music + bar

17:40: Grill your Darlings - flamethrower against toys in front of Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center

18:00 Vigild on tour with the microphone

18.20: Workshop round up

18:45: Final comments and display of today's hacked toys from the Hack a Toy Group 


Photo: From the installation Grill Your Darlings, which can be explored on HackAToy event.