Premiere SKAMMEKROGEN friday february 7 at 7 pm

A dinner table with chairs is placed in the middle of the room. The table is set for five. On each plate a pair of glasses and a set of headphones are laid out. You sit down, put on your glasses and your headphones, and immediately a film begins in which you are the main character in the middle of a family drama with gravy, potatoes and toe-curling awkwardness.

Virtual reality is back in top form with the Oculus Rift technology, and inSkammekrogen (“The Doghouse”), you are given the opportunity to experience what the actor experiences – as if you were there yourself. You see what the actor sees, and you hear what the actor hears: you become a character in the film.

Come to the premiere of Skammekrogen with roast, brown gravy and potatoes and plenty of family (un)cosiness on Friday February 7 at 7 pm. You may test the work from 12 noon the same day.

Anders Høeg Nissen, reporter at the “Harddisken” programme of the Danish radio channel DR1, paid a visit to the workshop to test Skammekrogen – and he liked what he saw. Listen to what he said in the January 17 2014 programme (in Danish).

Skammekrogen has been created by Johan Knattrup Jensen, Mads Damsbo and Dark Matters. The actors are Sofie Stougaard, Ole Boisen, Katrine Bruun, Benjamin Engell, and Sebastian Teschemacher.

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The work will be shown from February 7 to March 2 2014.

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