Hartmut Stockter:
The Flipper oracle in the panorama - arcades

28. August 2020 to 24. January 2021


The family exhibition The Flipper Oracle in the Panorama Arcades is created by the german artist Hartmut Stockter.

The exhibition invites us in to a playful universe consisting of equal measures of Wunderkammer and antique travelling Tivoli. Stockters imaginative objects, paintings and sculptures invites the audience into a romantic world with different games and artistic inventions to interact with. You can for example try out a flipper machine, a human sized hamster wheel and a panorama circle with landscape paintings; or you can try the wheel of fortune, which will tell you what exciting expeditions to venture out on.

Stockter works with recycled materials in his art, and the enormous structures are often made by recycled wood and bits and pieces the artist has gathered. By creating a romantic fantasy landscape that can be experienced by the whole family, the exhibition has a broad appeal which speaks into a broader theme of nature and sustainability. 

Where: Lower Gallery 

When: 28th August - 24th Januar