2. May 2020 to 2. August 2020

In 2020, skateboarding will officially be a part of the Summer Olympics. But skateboarding as a Copenhagen phenomenon has its roots in an entirely different place and with a broader and deeper significance than being an elite sport. This exhibition explores the lifestyles and narratives to be found in the Copenhagen skateboarding community through different artworks created by contemporary artists. Curated by Jens-Peter Brask, who was once a part of this community, we have invited nine contemporary artists to create each their take on a skating ramp. For a period, these ramps will be placed at various locations around Copenhagen to be used for skating and to be photo-documented, before then being exhibited at the Lower Gallery of Nikolaj Kunsthal. Here, visitors can experience these artistic skating ramps in an interplay with photos by Tobias Plass showing how these ramps have been used.

Exhibition on from 2nd May to 2nd of August