Arthur van der Zaag :
Windows of Light

29. August 2018 to 24. February 2019

WINDOWS OF LIGHT is an installation created by Dutch artist Arthur van der Zaag in collaboration with Lighting Metropolis and AAU CPH – Lighting Design.

The installation balances on the border between lighting and video, and it will be visible from the outside on Nikolaj Square after darkness from the 29th of August to the 24th of February. The work is centred around one of the church windows and the tower on the north side of Nikolaj Kunsthal. The beautiful windows on the north–west corner of the building will be used as media for the installation to create a story about the window itself, and not least what is going on behind the window. By using three layers of lighting (from the inside, outside, and the room behind) the work will challenge our perception of depth.

“By using these three layers and coloured lighting, we are able to work with depth in two ways: the physical displacement of layers, and the impact the use of colours has on our understanding of depth.” – Arthur van der Zaag

Windows of Light: 10:01 min, loop

Arthur van der Zaag (b. 1966) was born in Amsterdam, Holland, and lives and works in Copenhagen. The work is created in collaboration with Lighting Metropolis, AAU CPH – Lighting Design and Arthur van der Zaag. Third semester students at Lighting Design from AAU have investigated the outdoor area and developed suggestions to lighting concepts. Arthur van der Zaag has used these suggestions to further develop an independent lighting installation for Nikolaj Kunsthal.

Lighting Metropolis is the first decisive step in realizing a vision for Greater Copenhagen as the world’s leading Living Lab for smart urban lighting. The project works towards strengthening the significant role lighting can play in supporting safety, accessibility, identity, health, and education for people in cities.

Video: Arthur Steijn

Lighting Programmer: Sonja Lea

Project Programmer: Mads Eckert Hermansen