Children, Young People and Contemporary Art

Nikolaj Kunsthal welcomes children and young people to explore the world of contemporary art. Artists often use experiences and methods from spheres of knowledge beyond art itself. Both thematically and technically contemporary art reflects the culture young people grow up in. Every year Nikolaj Kunsthal hosts 5-6 exhibitions focussing on culture, history, the future and human existence.

The exhibitions address current issues like social, ethical, technological and aesthetic relationships, providing the basis for meaningful experiences – wonder, thought and fascination. Nikolaj Kunsthal’s Education and School Service runs and produces a variety of educational activities and materials, provides courses for teachers, seminars, and is involved in a series of long-term educational and artistic projects focussing on the interdisciplinarity and democratic learning potential of contemporary art and visual culture - especially for older school pupils and high school students.

Nikolaj Kunsthal’s teaching and learning activities build bridges between contemporary art and other school subjects. Since 2005 we have worked in partnership with Copenhagen Greater Area’s Education Center.

Educational Philosophy

Teaching at Nikolaj Kunsthal always builds on the specific professional and social capacities, knowledge and experience of the children, young people, adults and students - as well as the teachers and our own educators – that participate in our educational programmes. Through discussions and presentations, linguistic and visual exercises, practical assignments and activities based on Nikolaj Kunsthal’s exhibitions we focus on the generation of meaning and mutually reinforce the students’ and our own capacity to reflect critically on contemporary culture and to communicate new insights in a community of learning. 

We endeavour to integrate the values of harmony, active participation and self-reflexivity in all our educational activities in order to provide a basis for the creation of socially inclusive learning environments that promote active citizenship and learning communities.

Educational Activities

For all school classes that visit Nikolaj Kunsthal with a teacher we offer:

  • Longer or shorter courses for specific age groups
  • Mini lectures
  • Class-based dialogue or discussion groups
  • Process writing and sketching
  • Workshops

Target Audiences

Our teaching is suitable for all students, but we have a strong focus on:

  • School pupils, including those in youth clubs and after-school care
  • High school students
  • Students at technical colleges, vocational colleges and other youth programmes
  • Teacher training students are also very welcome, both as participants in our educational programmes, and to gain insight into the teaching context that will one day be their own.