Artist talk:
Hanifa Alizada

Meet Hanifa Alizada Thursday January 8 5 pm at Nikolaj Kunsthal

This winter, Hanifa Alizada (b. 1989) is one of the participants of the large photo exhibition Afghan Tales at Nikolaj Kunsthal. Alizada is one of the new strong female voices of a budding, but also dangerous, art scene. The photography as a profession and an artistic mode of expression still suffers from the Taliban’s previous ban, and in particular women’s possibilities of expressing themselves freely are limited. However, photography has undergone a revitalisation in recent years and now plays an important part in spreading a more nuanced view of the complexity of contemporary Afghan life 

A new generation
Hanifa Alizada belongs to a new generation of women, challenging traditional sexual roles and insisting on their right to live and express themselves independently.

The turning point of her artistic work is identity, with a special focus on sexual roles, women’s rights and female identity. Her art provides a critical comment on today’s Afghanistan, motivated by the hope for a positive future for her country, despite the instable and complicated security situation of everyday life, and Hanifa Alizada is an important representative of Afghan female life and struggle. 

About Hanifa Alizada
Hanifa Alizada teaches photography at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Kabul University where she, in collaboration with her colleagues, motivates and encourages young Afghans to engage themselves creatively in the development of the country.

Hanifa Alizada’s works have been exhibited internationally on several occasions. Afghan Tales at Nikolaj Kunsthal marks her first presentation in Denmark.


Afghan Tales
Afghan Tales can be seen at the Lower Gallery of Nikolaj Kunsthal from November 28 2014 to January 18 2015.

The exhibition Afghan Tales presents more than 20 Afghan photographers, showing new and unexpected sides of Afghan culture and everyday life. Hanifa Alizada is one of the main participants of the exhibition.

Further information about the exhibition and the photographers available at: and