The Festival of Research: come and be a part when we subject the photograph to close scrutiny.

Since its development in the 1830’s, the photograph has been subjected to much doubt. At an early point, the advocates of the painting tried to establish watertight shutters between art and the photograph, and poet and critic Charles Baudelaire in 1859 went as far as to claim that the photograph would destroy art if the two were mixed.

Later on, prominent artists started expanding the frames of art, adopted photographic elements in their painting and challenged the notion of the photograph as merely an objectively registering medium.

Images as history up for discussion

Even though this debate of photography vs. art has been raging now for nearly two hundred years, there is still a widespread idea that the photograph comes closer to a medium of truth than other artistic styles. But is this true? And what happens when an artist uses the photograph to challenge historical representations?

Taking their points of departure in the current exhibition "Stan Douglas: Photographs 2008-2013" at Nikolaj Kunsthal, introductory speakers will discuss the historical photograph as a genre and the photograph as historical source material.

The speakers will address these questions from their particular professional backgrounds within art history and history.

These questions take as the starting point Stan Douglas’ staged historical photographs as well as actual historical photographs from the Image Archive of the Museum of Copenhagen.

After this, guests will have the opportunity to ask questions and see the Stan Douglas exhibition.

“Stan Douglas: Photographs 2008-2013"

Canadian Stan Douglas (b. 1960) is a master of the staged photograph and has made a name for himself internationally with his original conceptual works.

The exhibition at Nikolaj Kunsthal features a large number of his best photographic works from 2008 to 2013 and marks the first major presentation of his photographic oeuvre in Denmark.

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