FOKUS 2015:

Curator Anna Manubens presents Capturing Devices.

“Capturing device” is the technical definition of a camera; but it may also be understood as a critical gaze at the underlying structure within film art. During a BBC interview, back in 1982, French author Jean Genet said:

I told you yesterday that you were doing the work of a cop, and you continue to do it, today too. You continue to interrogate me just like the thief I was thirty years ago was interrogated by the police, by a whole police squad. There is a norm on one side, a norm where you are, all of you, and then there’s an outer margin where I am, where I am marginalised.

And if I’m afraid of entering the norm? Of course I’m afraid of entering the norm, and if I’m raising my voice right now, it’s because I’m in the process of entering the norm. But I’m not angry at you who are the norm, I’m angry at myself because I agreed to come here”. 

Anna Manubens has compiled a video programme with, among others, notable artists such as Mathieu K. Abonnenc, Herman Asselberghs, Ed Atkins, Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz, Beatrice Gibson and Manon de Boer, all investigating the relation between the normalised and the marginalised within film and video.

In the titles selected for her programme, she looks at the power potential of the film medium, its destructive capabilities and states, and how they may possibly be evaded.