Live radio drama at Nikolaj Kunsthal

Come to a couples’ dinner with young mothers, feminists and social security benefits recipients when AKT1 presents live radio drama.

“See your smile, your loser smile, your hole in the mouth, it’s your fault, it’s pills, you can’t shoot up when you’re pregnant, when there’s a baby crawling its way out of you, do you understand that Anette, I understand that too, yeah, I understand that I’m too stupid to have a baby, and then it’s been conceived at the customers’ toilet at the supermarket, that you’re not ashamed, they say, I’m ashamed to be foetus fat, I’m living under an angry little rain cloud.”

                                 AKT1 #26: I FORHOLD TIL ANETTE (‘IN RELATION TO ANETTE’)

Voices sound from the bottom of the church space when AKT1 Radiodrama opens up for two evening of newly written Danish and Nordic radio drama at Nikolaj Kunsthal on May 12 and 13. The brand new texts, marking the dramatists’ debut in the radio medium, will be staged and recorded before a live audience.

Experience Anette’s inner thoughts, her boyfriend’s reflections and her sister’s condemnation in prose writer Simon Holm Pedersen’s poetic loser triangle drama I FORHOLD TIL ANETTE, being staged for the radio by director Stefan Stanisic with actors Sara Line Møller Olsen, Morten Holst and Signe Kærup Hjort.

Hear the debate of social security benefits in a new and different way when director Liv Helm together with actors Joachim Fjelstrup, Andreas Berg Nielsen and Amalie Lindegård transform two features from the Danish daily newspaper “Information” from earlier this year into radio drama that both rages against and resigns itself to the political tone of this inflamed debate.

Swedish dramatist Manda Stenström’s tense monologue also gets a heated debate going – this one on gender – when she writes thus about women, food and egotism:

“I don’t hate women, I could never do that, I’m a woman, I don’t hate women – but… I just hate the fact that women are so disloyal. Yes of course, to other women. Well, I’m sorry for saying so, but that’s how I feel. Starving yourself is so fucking selfish.”

                                 AKT1  #30: AT SULTE SIG ER EGOISME (‘STARVING YOURSELF IS EGOTISM’)

In addition to this, the evenings at Nikolaj Kunsthal on May 12 and 13 present actress Betina Birkjær’s solo performance PIANO and writer Irmelin Prehn’s comedy PARMIDDAG (‘COUPLES’ DINNER’) directed by Nicolai Nyholm with the actors Nicolai Jandorf Klok, Sofie Ancher Vea, Stefania Omarsdottir, Anders Heinrichsen and Anne Vester Høyer. 

The two evenings will present no less than five world premieres of brand new Nordic radio drama to be experienced live and alive in the distinct setting of Nikolaj Kunsthal.

The recordings will subsequently be released for free podcast, streaming and download via iTunes and AKT1’s homepage where previous radio productions are also available.

Tickets are DKK 50 each and can be bought on