The real North is far away from here. At the Polar Circle and in the Northern Atlantic nature is fierce, foodstuffs have an intense taste, and the Northerners there live in close contact with nature, a wild, inhospitable but also magnificent and untouched world.

Nordlige Norden (“The Northern North”) is a gastronomic exploration of the Arctic, a festival of the food and raw materials of the Northern people ensuring a wild and untouched taste experience.

On Nikolaj Plads, the most interesting producers and chefs from the real North will offer untamed taste experiences from the nature that most of us are too comfortable ever to seek out. There will be musk ox, reindeer, grouse schnapps, Polar herbs, dried fish, real skyr and birch liqueurs in workshops, displays, presentations, competitions, long table lunches and lots more.

Probably the only Polar expedition you’ll ever get to experience!



Thursday May 28: 1-6 pm

Friday May 29: 1-8 pm

Saturday May 30: 10 am–6 pm


Nikolaj Plads, 1067 Copenhagen K




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The dairy farm Rjómabúið Erpsstaðir (IS) – skyr, skyr sweets, and more
Foss Distillery (IS) – birch schnapps and birch liqueur
Kissmeyer Beer & Brewing (DK) – beer brewed on Nordic raw materials, traditions and innovation
Jokkmokksbär (S) – marmalade, syrup and dried berries from the Swedish nature north of the Polar Circle
Saltverk (IS) – sustainable salt produced by the heat of the Icelandic springs with herbs and lava added
Svenningsen (DK) – chocolate made with water ganache using Nordic herbs, fruits and berries
Kvann Kompagniet (GL) – schnapps, herbal salt, tea and other products made from Greenlandic berries and herbs
Tranhuset (GL) – The Greenlandic store in Copenhagen selling a rich variety of Greenlandic raw materials
Spis min Gris (DK) – organic meat from old Danish livestock breeds according to traditional workmanship and methods
Samians from Northern Norway (N) – reindeer in all ways imaginable served with Samian culture
The association of small Faroese islands Útoyggjafelagið (FO) – raw materials from the smallest Faroese islands
Herslev Bryghus (DK) – unique beers brewed on local raw materials from Lammefjorden, among these Hay Beer and Cherry Plum Beer
Föroya Björ (FO) – beer with strong Faroese roots dating all the way back to 1888
Norrtejle Brenneri (S) – aquavit made from local fruits and berries
Restaurant Maven (DK) – courses based on a variety of Nordic raw materials


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Learn to make your own skyr according to a traditional Icelandic recipe
Syrup from seaweed and crowberries from Greenland
Learn to make your own bacon. It’s easy!
Cured halibut with rævesovs, a sauce made from seaweed and crowberry syrup

Taste Greenlandic musk ox
Seaweed from the Faroe Islands
And many others…

(All workshops are free, and you participate by turning up at the workshop tent – first come, first served)


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Friday May 29 5-7:30 pm

Here you can try a genuine Nordic hotdog with a clear conscience. Some of the best Nordic chefs compete in making the most tasty and creative hotdog based on the raw materials and traditions of different Nordic regions. These will be gourmet hotdogs like you’ve never seen them before – and it’ll be fun! The Hotdog Trophy is at stake, and the proceeds all go to charity.