Opening Hole in Space

Join us for the opening of the new exhibition Hole in Space by artist Trine Boesen.

27th August at 12:00-5:00 PM. For all ages An interactive installation by Trine Boesen

The exhibition is conceived for all age groups.


- Welcome by Andreas Brøgger (Director of Nikolaj Kunsthal) Lene Floris (Director of History & Art) and artist Trine Boesen.

- Neil Bloem (member of the Copenhagen City Council) opens Hole in Space.

 There will be free coffee, the and astronaut-ice creams for the kids (from noon till 1pm). The SPACE&TIME workshop will hereafter be open to all creative space- enthusiasts.

More about the exhibition

Hole in Space presents a wondrous and sensuous world of endless sign forests, secret nooks, crashed satellites, binoculars and kaleidoscopes. Soft meteor showers, weightless globes, strange sounds and black holes make for a space that is easy to get lost in. The exhibition sends body, senses and imagination on a fun and fanciful journey in through the hole and out into space.