Dias & Riedweg - week by week

Composed of two videos synchronically projected on photoluminescent vinyl sheets which “retain chosen parts of the videos’ flesh in our memory”, the piece Flesh juxtaposes the methods of killing animals and manipulating flesh in two different cultural contexts.

One of the videos shows how a little Egyptian boy named Mustafa trying to explain in gestures how his father, in what follows, will decapitate and slaughter a sheep at home in celebration of the religious holiday of Bayram

(a still popular tradition in the Islamic culture that recalls the Bible’s episode of the Old Testament where God let Abraham spare the sacrifice of his first-born son, killing instead a sheep and giving its flesh to poorer families).

The second video shows the continuous and clinically clean machinery of a Swiss slaugtherhouse, revealing
an almost unmanipulated preparation of the meat to be consumed according to contemporary Western standards.

Watch a preview of Flesh below.

Every week throughout the summer we highlight one of the pieces in the critically acclaimed exhibition Dias & Riedweg: Possible Archives. The exhibition is on until August 18, 2013.