Joint forces on 'Death in Venice'

The Copenhagen Cinematheque and Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Centre, join forces on "Death in Venice"

Are you going to see "Death in Venice" at the Cinematheque on June 19 at 7 pm - or did you just see it? Then hang on to your ticket or your receipt and get in for free to see the thematically related art work "Tutti Veneziani" at Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center. This offer is valid until August 18.
Conversely, if you're going to see or have seen the art work "Tutti Veneziani" by Dias & Riedweg at Nikolaj, you'll get a DKK 25 discount on the ticket price for "Death in Venice" at the Cinematheque on Wednesday June 19 at 7 pm. Just don't forget to get your discount voucher at the Information Counter at Nikolaj.
The work 
The work "Tutti Veneziani" has been inspired both by "Death in Venice" and by the city itself as a kind of stage on which people dress themselves for different roles. It is made up by four video projections presented on two levels, depicting Venetians getting dressed at home or at work while telling us about 'the day they died'. "Tutti Veneziani" is a part of the large video art exhibition "Possible Archives", created by Brazilian-Swiss artist duo Dias & Riedweg
The film 
The film "Death in Venice" presents German author Thomas Mann's story about composer Gustav Aschenbach (read: Gustav Mahler) who under a rest cure in Venice is seized by a passionate, voyeuristic love for the young boy Tadzio. The composer hides his passion while a deadly disease is raging in the tourist city. The narrow and labyrinthine streets between the Piazza San Marco and the Rialto Bridge set the stage for the interplay between the beautiful boy and the dying artist, unforgettably accompanied by excerpts from Mahler's Symphony No 3 and 5.