Frank Altschul Jensen:

14. July 2001 to 12. August 2001

Frank Altschul Jensen : 05.11.65


05.11.65 was a life project. Frank Altschul Jensen uses football results to record his own life – and his life on recording football results. Nikolaj's Tower Gallery provided the setting for a minimalistic installation consisting of 36 recordings of the results of the first games after the artist's birthday played so far by his favourite team, Liverpool FC, from 1965 to the time of the exhibition.

The installation thus presented the current state of affairs of this work in progress. Visitors at the exhibition could acquire the existing results inserted in an album – with room for more results. For the acquisition of this work not only included the results recorded already but also the right to receive an annual football result for the rest of Frank Altschul Jensen's life.

Apart from having created his installation as a sincere tribute to football, Frank Altschul Jensen made no secret of the fact that his great source of inspiration is the Japanese artist On Kawara. Since the 1960's On Kawara has been manifesting his own existence, among other things with telegrams carrying the text, 'I'm still alive', as well as paintings which announce their date of origin in writing.

The artistic process as well as it's results are subjected to a preordained order, a date or a communications system. Demonstrating this order at the same time means demonstrating one's own being. Frank Altschul Jensen constructs meaning through ordinary verbal and numerical codes (football results as they appear in the sports section) – and uses football to prove his own existence.