Afgang 2011

10. June 2011 to 31. July 2011

The 2011 Graduation Exhibition of the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts' Schools of Visual Arts

Get a unique view into the universe of the rising stars of the Danish art scene when 36 of tomorrow's newest talents present THE MFA GRADUATE SHOW 2011 at Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center.

The annual Graduation Exhibition of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts is one of the most notable summer events of the art scene: always surrounded by great attention and anticipation, it has grown into an institution in its own right. For this is where one can find a representative selection of what the most current and youngest art scene has to offer right now. And this year it expresses itself in a rich variety of media, complex problems and themes. Photo, installation, ceramics, textiles, performance, YouTube - in addition, of course, to painting and drawing: the Class of 2011 reaches far, also in terms of the foci and concerns to be found here. Political messages mix with personal accounts, explorations of materials and site specific works.

This is the first time that Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, opens its distinct exhibition facilities for the Graduation Exhibition; and it is noteworthy how many of the site specific works that incorporate the Nikolaj exhibition space and whole former identity as a church. One work takes as its starting point the art center's organ, another one has enlarged and transposed a detail from the building into a new context, while yet others employ spatial dimensions in contrast to or in interaction with the church-like interiors. The outdoor space at Nikolaj Square will also be included. Among other sources, the artists have found inspiration in Google image searches, YouTube videos, consultancy analyses, the meeting of a blind man with a prostitute, as well as close-ups of actress Helle Fagralid and actor Nicholas Bro, to name a few.

THE MFA GRADUATE SHOW 2011 thus marks the end result of six years of intense study, while also providing a signature and an indication of the direction the art scene may be taking in the coming years.

The 36 artists:
Simon Damkjær Andersen, Marie-Louise Vittrup Andersen, Camilla Bachiry, Peter Birkholm, Anders Bülow, Hilda Ekeroth, Julia Ekström, Morten Espersen, Julie Kierkegaard Galsbo, Ricco Højland Hansen, Egor Jaguonov, Per Gerhard Jørgensen, Kim Young Lundstrøm Kilde, Marie Koch Kjærgaard, Line Larsen, Maria Lenskjold, Andrea Lind-Valdan, Nanna Lysholt-Hansen, Tonje Alice Madsen, Pernille Moesgaard, Susanne Højbjerg Nielsen, Martin Jacob Nielsen, Laura Vosyliute Nielsen, Mette Sophie R. Norrie, Sandra Vaka Olsen, Magnus Pettersen, Anupama Ramdas, Mette Helena Rasmussen, Kaspar Oppen Samuelsen, Kristina Elisabeth Steinbock, Siv K.P. Søndergaard, Malene Nors Tardrup, Marie Thams, Mads Thomsen, Joen Vedel - and Den Unge-Kunstner (The Young-Artist)

A magazine will be published for the exhibition, planned by the students in co-operation with the graphic design studio All the way to Paris.