Afgang 2012

2. June 2012 to 5. August 2012

The 2012 Graduation Exhibition of the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts' Schools of Visual Art

Six years of studies culminate with this annually recurring event: The Graduation Exhibition of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts' Schools of Visual Art. This is where a brand new generation of visual artists say goodbye to the Academy and enter the art scene when their works are presented at Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center.

Rector of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Mikkel Bogh, and director of Nikolaj, Elisabeth Delin Hansen, see the young artists off with, among others, these words: "There is no doubt that the young artists are emerging into a situation where they must fight for visibility, but one must not forget that they also begin their artistic lives at a time when art institutions have, on average, perhaps a larger number of annual visitors than ever before. So there are already many to talk with out there. We hope that our graduates will go out and conquer the world, and in the process acquire a lot of new partners for dialogue."
The exhibition is a great presentation of what is going on right now within the youngest part of contemporary art - from installation, video, painting, sculpture and drawing over sound art and video to performance and textile. Some of the artists have found inspiration in the Nikolaj building to create site specific works, entering into a dialogue with the Art Center architecture, while others let the exhibition spill over into the city, as is the case with Skolen for håb og overskridelse when they present events at locations where activist projects have taken place.

The 27 participating artists:
Malene Bang, Lasse Barkfors, Lise Borup, Mette Moeslund Broberg, Ulla Bech-Bruun, Astrid Marie Christiansen, Mia Isabel Edelgart, Lars Arnfred Fynboe, Simen Joachim Helsvig, Eva Hjorth, Deirdre Johanna Humphrys, Johannes Trägårdh Jensen, Jonas Jensen, Andreas Johansen, Katja Løgstrup-Hansen, Aliaksandr Marchuk, Christian Mastrup, Heine Thorhauge Mathiasen, Eva Maria Middleton, Maria Meinild, Siggi Oddsson, Ninna Poulsen, Thomas Rathleff, Johanne Dybdal Sigvardsen, Inger-Maren Slagsvold, Astrid Myntekær and Tine Tvergaard.

A catalogue was published for the exhibition, in which the students are presented individually, but which also features a joint graphic work. The catalogue has been prepared in co-operation with Åse Eg and Jesper Fabricius of the art magazine Pist Protta.