Dan Talmon:
Circular Text

1. June 2001 to 8. July 2001

Dan Talmon : Circular Text

The artist concerns himself with space, time and dimensions in relation to photography and visual media. Circular Text was an image which was created with words: It was the linguistic structures that constituted the image. 

The work was one long text without beginning or end. The text was constructed in layers. The simple text therefore could be read in many different ways, and it was possible to explore text as well as structure. The work was projected onto the floor in a dark room in which the text was slowly turned round counterclockwise.

Ever since the ancient Greeks, there has been a tradition in Mediterranean countries to think, discuss and debate while walking around — two by two or in small groups. Walking stimulates the thinking process. The rhythm of body and mind is synchronous. Moving in circles reflects the structure of concentration: adding, repeating, forgetting, rediscovering in order to ultimately reach a conclusion. Circular Text enabled the spectator to relate to the work both mentally and physically, and hopefully to be left with a new thought.