Clement Page
The Light that Obscures

30. April 2015 to 6. May 2015

The Light That Obscures explores the intimate world of Isabella, a young female artist, living in Berlin, who develops an extreme fear of light, or (photo-phobia). The film focuses on the optical disturbances and fantasies which accompany her fear.

As an artist Isabella takes great pleasure in looking and all things visual. She loves to look through  the optical instruments that adorn her studio. When she begins to experience a stabbing pain in her eyes and blurred vision she fears she may be going blind. She visits an ophthalmologist who tells her there is nothing wrong with her eyes. However, the pain in her eyes when sunlight enters them, and the episodes of blurred vision continue. She becomes obsessed with avoiding light and goes to great lengths to block every ray of light from entering her room.

At the same time she takes a strange pleasure in touching her eyes. Gazing into the mirror she likes to pull the eyelid down over her eye and rub it in an almost erotic way. 

She avoids direct sunlight, only venturing out at night in the hours before dawn, when the street lights have gone out and the sun has not yet risen. The only light she can now tolerate is candle light. As the disturbances of her vision increase she only feels comfortable living in darkness.

In the dark she is overtaken by compulsive fantasises, often sadistic in nature. One particular fantasy involves her taking away the stick of a blind girl rendering the blind girl helpless.

Only the concerned phone calls from her father interrupt her isolation from the world of daylight.


Premiere and artist talk 30 April 2015 at 5 PM.