Mie Olise:
Den Tavse Station

10. March 2012 to 13. May 2012

"A young man escapes from his native island Mors, jumps a ship and arrives at the coasts of Newfoundland. He leaves the ship and is hidden by two fishermen in an attic. Many years later another young man builds a wooden ship which he names after the man who escaped the island. The fugitive's name is Espen Arnakke which is also the name of the ship".
(Mie Olise on Espen Arnakke in Aksel Sandemose's autobiographical work A Fugitive Crosses His Tracks)

The Silent Station is a major installation, using visual elements and sound to interweave two journeys. The artist's track in various ways relate to the literary character Espen Arnakke who is partly the name of the protagonist in Aksel Sandemose's famous autobiographical novel A Fugitive Crosses His Tracks, and partly the name of a ship, built by the artist's father in 1977, later to be sold so that he eventually lost track of it. Mie Olise's project, starting in 2009, combines a personal track of remembrance with literary and cultural-psychological references, in which the artist appears in the roles as principal character, writer and explorer. Mie Olise is herself a child of the island Mors. A Fugitive Crosses His Tracks inspired her to follow in Espen Arnakke's footsteps, but in a sense also Aksel Sandemose's, to Newfoundland, with Arnakke being, in many ways, Sandemose's alter ego. Sandemose also jumped a ship to Newfoundland, got into a scuffle with a fellow passenger and had to hide in Newfoundland, with the kindness of a stranger. Olise's journey also takes her to Newfoundland where she meets 96 years old Arthur Ludlow, the son of the man who hid Sandemose in his attic. Parallel to this journey, Mie Olise follows the route of Espen Arnakke, the ship. She asks her father who the ship was sold to, and what follows is a process of identifying the subsequent six owners of the ship. The installation The Silent Station is a large 1:1 railway station, a recurring element in several of Sandemose's literary works. The abandoned railway station thus brings together Olise's two expeditions. There are ship's masts between the tracks, an inferno of sounds, stories told by the many owners of the ship, and there is Arthur Ludlow, telling in a heavy Newfoundland accent about his father's and Sandemose's friendship. Guests are invited to enter the railway station or to sit on the platform and listen to the many soundtracks. The exhibition furthermore includes a number of minor installations, among these a sail with the constructional drawings of the ship embroidered in 1:1 and hanging from a trapeze; an installation of two interconnected record players; and a large painting of a dead snowy owl in a cake tin. The installations all take their points of departure in the tracks of the two journeys, and particularly the points at which they intersect.

Mie Olise (b. 1974) has a Master of Fine Art from Central Saint Martins, London, 2007, and has a background as an architect MAA, 2001. She has had several solo and group exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin and Houston. She has had residencies in Iceland and the US and has just recently been given a residency in Denmark.