Group expositions :
FOKUS Video Art Festival 2018

15. February 2018 to 13. May 2018

FOKUS Video Art Festival is officially over - however you can still watch this years selected videos at the cinema of Nikolaj Kunsthal. 

Gender roles, war and body worship are some of the topics featured at this year’s FOKUS video art festival. From February 15 to March 12, you can experience the video works in the city, in the Copenhagen Cultural District and at Nikolaj Kunsthal – as well as on your phone. It is time to put the usual streaming services on hold and find a new FOKUS with video art that steers clear of the mainstream.

Video art is here to stay – even though the videotape has long since found its place in the recycling bin. Megastars such as Bill Viola, Pipilotti Rist and Julian Rosefeldt have made their significant contributions to create interest in this art form. Now Nikolaj Kunsthal presents the 8th edition of the FOKUS video art festival with 10 brand new works by Danish and international artists.

A cross-disciplinary jury of, among others, Team Hurricane director Annika Berg, writer Søren Høy and visual artist Lærke Lauta have selected the 10 works from the more than 120 pieces submitted by artists from all over the world. The 10 nominated works to be experienced during the festival address such diverse topics as war, fitness, gender roles, guilt, memory, care and wormholes. Common to them all is that they are highly personal in their approach to the medium - the persons both in front of and behind the camera come across loud and clear. Body worship, wedding sites on the Internet and the way we treat the elderly are also described in this year’s selection. All are socially relevant subjects that provide food for thought – and all are given the special art video treatment that makes them stand out from what we typically see in the media picture.

Experience FOKUS on the next street corner or home on your couch

FOKUS has moved out of the usual framework of the exhibition format, out into the cityscape and the Copenhagen Cultural District. The 10 works can be experienced at the Nikolaj Kunsthal cinema, around the city and in the Copenhagen Cultural District, including The Royal Danish Arsenal Museum, Thorvaldsens Museum and The Theatre Museum, and at the Copenhagen Main Public Library. And not least in the privacy of your own home via a specially developed and free app.

On March the 1st, The Cinematheque provides the setting for a screening of all the 10 nominated titles. On this occasion, the three main prizes of the festival will be given out. See more on