29. August 2018 to 21. October 2018

The artwork KONSTRUKTUR in the Upper Gallery is a meeting with an independent, almost intelligent pattern of light and refractions of space. Cones of light move slowly across the floor, and in conjunction with smoke and sound create a thick fog of random landscapes. Geometrical shapes create different rooms which stretch like long walls from the back of the room all the way down to the front of the stairs.

The installation is the story of the meeting between the real world and the virtual reality where landscapes are infiltrated by man-made structures, making their presence felt.

KONSTRUKTUR is created by YOKE as a living architectural one to one model to experiment with new spatial structures of light. The installation consists of 196 specially designed and hand built light sources which are individually programmed. By adding smoke, the light sources become part of a greater whole that can be experienced as lines and structures in the room.

YOKE is a Danish company and artist laboratory which works with innovative techniques within lighting and digital interaction.