Finn Thybo Andersen:

6. November 1999 to 9. January 2000

Finn Thybo Andersen : LOOK OUT, LOOK UP, LOOK DOWN

In 1991, when Finn Thybo Andersen held the exhibition MAN, BUCKET, HOUSE, MAT, at Galleri Congo in Copenhagen, then it was in fact a return to the art scene after an absence of 20 years, and this raised considerable interest. Who was this artist, who had suddenly left the world of art, after producing such interesting and radical work? And what type of work did he do now, when he returned after such a long pause, now in a totally different era of artistic expression?

In 1968, Finn Thybo Andersen had worked with minimalist explorations, which grew in proportion and became a meaningful part of the sphere of the onlooker. A year later, he developed further projects which opened up towards the social sphere and included real life, and in 1970, when art and politics were increasingly seen to be identical, he gave up individualistic productions in visual art, and concentrated on collective, political, anti-imperialist work, in collaboration with Kirsten Dufour among others. 

Since his return, Finn Thybo Andersen has worked with many different forms of expression, which range from classical black and white graphics to conceptual art, but throughout the whole spectrum one finds grotesque clashes between the complex and the simple, combined with surprising perception.

Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum (Museum of Modern Art) and Overgaden held a substantial exhibition of Finn Thybo Andersen's more recent works in 1996-97, but a retrospective exhibition has not been held before. 

This exhibition, on display both in Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center and at The Art Centre, Silkeborg Spa, illustrated the range and affiliations between Finn Thybo Andersen's older and newer works, through a presentation of some of the most important works of art from his early and later years. His large early works, unfortunately not still in existence, were reconstructed for the exhibition. Both the large minimalist sculptures, his audio work for four tape-recorders and the installation, The Tent, was shown in Nikolaj's upper gallery. 

Finn Thybo Andersen created a number of new works of art for the second half of the exhibition, after one of which the exhibition is named. This is NEON EYES, two gigantic, moving neon eyes mounted on Nikolaj's tower, which became like a sentient being, guarding or watching over the town. The other new sculptures were exhibited on the various floors of the tower.