Rune Fjord og Trine Bastrup:

9. September 2016 to 17. December 2016
There are rituals for the most important events in life – name giving, transition to adulthood, marriage and death – but not for the equally significant transition that a divorce may represent.
With LOST LOVE, all divorcés and divorcées are invited to donate their wedding ring in a special shrine exhibited at Nikolaj Kunsthal until December 17 2016. As contributor you are also encouraged to tell the story of the ring.
LOST LOVE seeks to create a community around separation. Towards the end of the exhibition period, the rings will be melted down to a joint sculpture: an anatomically correct, life-size heart.
The heart and the stories that go along with the rings will subsequently be donated to the Museum of Copenhagen where they will be kept for posterity as a testimony to our time and age.
LOST LOVE is created by visual artist Rune Fjord and dramatist and journalist Trine Bastrup.