4. September 2010 to 7. November 2010

By poet Morten Søndergaard - in co-operation with We Are Popular

- An exhibition for children about the engine room of language, its order and disorder, and the love between words and images.

LOVE took the words literally and subjects the laws that govern them to a loving treatment in this unique and challenging combination of contemporary art, literature and language. In a total installation, primarily aimed at children, the exhibition at eye level layed out the system and rules of the Danish language with a departure in the 10 word classes. For what really takes place inside the engine room of language? And what are words made of? In 10 subtle installations - one for each word class - the unique features of each was staged, examined and turned inside out.

The 10 word classes were all represented by different materials, techniques and poetic approaches, each evoking various moods, movements and opportunities.
In order, e.g., to experience verbs in close-up you had to enter through a whispering door. And if you wanted to familiarise yourself with adverbs, you had to fight your way through a swarm of bees coming towards you. Nouns had materialised as objects in a so-called Wunderkammer, whereas articles could be experienced as a light installation, rich in words.

To tie the exhibition together, the Bookshop of Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, also served as a pharmacy, in which 10 different medications and pill boxes were lined up, side by side. The information sheets of the medications being offered were presented as poems, each detailing the word class to which the drug in question refers.

LOVE made the intangible and abstract into something concrete and in a poetic and thought-provoking manner transforms our common linguistic foundation into a living, vibrating physical mechanism.

Since the 1990's, Morten Søndergaard has been one of the most prominent younger Danish poets. Apart from his own literary body of work he has engaged himself in a number of projects that transcend the existing borders of the arts by bringing together fields such as linguistics, brain research, literature, music and visual art. He was instrumental in the making of the publication Brøndums Encyklopædi in 1994 and planned and arranged the 2006 exhibition Et skridt i den rigtige retning at Gl. Holtegaard. He was furthermore the editor of the literary periodical Hvedekorn for a number of years.

Visual artists Anne Marie Ploug and Christian Ramsø together make up the group We Are Popular. Anne Marie Ploug has mainly made a name for herself within painting and all kinds of graphic works. In 2009, Anne Marie Ploug and Christian Ramsø, in co-operation with Morten Søndergaard, designed the publication Af sted.