På sporet af... (In Search of...)

22. January 2000 to 19. March 2000

På sporet af... (In Search of...)

Drawings by: Kaspar Bonnén, Dorte Jelstrup, Kirsten Justesen, Jakob Kolding, 
John Kørner, Lars Bent Pedersen, Nikolaj Recke, Kirstine Roepstorff and 
Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen

All the selected artists use drawing as a vehicle for exploration. 'In Search of..' is chosen as the common title, to underline thisfunction of drawing, drawing as a language, able to find and captureknowledge. What the artists actually track, however, is altogether adifferent matter.

Jakob Kolding mainly works with drawings. With a series of drawings of his childhood's Albertslund he presents an ambiguous tribute to theideals of social city planning and the council housing of the seventies.

Kirsten Justesen's drawings are from 1980. After living in Greenland for several years, she returned to Denmark, and the drawings recallGreenland in the form of ornament.

Lars Bent Petersen is interested in national and cultural heritage andidentity, which he examines through paraphrase, among others of Eckersberg and Danes drinking beer.

Many of the artists circumnavigate gender and identity. 'Dorte Jelstrup's' emblematic drawings reflect and comment upon modern female consciousness. With drawings of women, stereotype consumer articles and - as something new - men, she tries to describe what women dream of.

In Kirstine Roepstorff's drawings male sex identity is the subject of debate. The artist describes through both content and form the diversities in the feminine and masculine worlds.

John Kørner gives a male contribution to the discussion about female identity and in all his drawings humorously and provokingly probes the image of the modern Amazon.

Nikolaj Recke's portraits of fellow artists function as sketched snapshots of the international nomadic life of the modern artist. The drawings are part of a larger investigation into the products and people of the modern art scene.

Kaspar Bonnén is interested in the physical an political space. His simple sketches enlightened by fragments of monologues.

Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen's computer drawings systematically explore the narrative possibilities of the computer medium. They question the group and the individual's ability to accept the available possibilities for identification, as well as their own possibility of being able to influence the possibilities.