Persistence of Vision

20. November 2010 to 30. January 2011

Persistence of Vision

November 20 2010 - January 30 2011


Jamie Allen (CA), AVPD (DK), Julius von Bismarck (D), Julien Maire (F), Melik Ohanian (F),Sascha Pohflepp (D), Lindsay Seers (UK), Gebhard Sengmüller (AT) and Mizuki Watanabe (JP).



How does our memory influence the way we see and perceive? And what role does technology play in how our memories are shaped and the way we see?


This exhibition was inspired by the developments within digital media in recent years, during which increasing numbers of digital cameras and camera phones along with user-driven websites to share photos and videos have created new global and decentralised alternatives to the traditional individiual and collective processes of recollection (newspapers, radio, television and libraries). Phenomena such as Flickr, YouTube, Facebook and blogs offer seemingly unlimited storing and accessibility of experienced moments, easily updated. The way in which we, individually and collectively, employ these new media to file and tell our stories was explored, both in the works of the exhibition and in various related communication activities aimed at including the users.


Persistence of Vision brought together multimedia works by nine Danish and international contemporary artists. The works invited active participation and re-introduced visual technologies such as film projectors, magnifying glasses, optical illusions and mirror effects, enabling us in a playful and yet critical manner to re-experience and re-imagine how our memories are stored and recalled.


As a part of the exhibition was five interactive screens with various plays that allowed the guests to test how they react, see and remember. These plays was created in co-operation with researchers from the Visual Perception Lab of the University of Liverpool where the test results was used in future research.


The work FIXR was available online at the website, presenting the opportunity to describe that certain moment in your life that you wish you had captured on photo - but which only lingers in your memory. Fixr could be found at Nikolaj, at the Cinemateket, at the Royal Library and at selected public libraries in Copenhagen. 


In addition to this, artist Sascha Pohflepp, Nikolaj and FACT created a special iPhone application to register and collect other people's images the very instant you press the release function on your iPhone camera.


The exhibition was presented in co-operation with Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT) Liverpool.