Space Invaders

12. November 2011 to 29. January 2012

Computer games have changed markedly since Space Invaders was something which was played in arcades, and Pac-Man moved about in a primitive labyrinth on a Commodore 64 screen.
Today, computer games are creating ever more life-like simulations of reality in which the main character moves about and acts in settings that seem, yes, realistic. Game characters are based on real actors' movements, and players can create their own digital worlds. Many computer games have taken the step further from the flat screen and in to our physical surroundings, as witnessed by SingStar and Guitar Heroes, in which the player interacts in the physical space with effects such as a guitar or a tennis racket.

Space Invaders is an interactive group exhibition, bringing together works of art and innovative computer games and exploring the blurred line between virtual and real space. The exhibition offers rich opportunities for guests to test both games and works. It presents works of art that employ computer game techniques, effects and aesthetics in new ways, as well as commercial and experimental computer games, breaking down barriers and creating new developments of space and interactions. Michael Johansson's Tetris-works invade doors and tower windows of the Nikolaj Art Center; blood is dripping on the floor in front in Riley Harmon's "What It Is Without the Hand That Wields It" when somebody dies in Counter Strike; and a dark, sensory world opens itself to the spectator in video art pioneer Bill Viola's new game. Try current games as well as classics such as Space Invaders and Tetris with a twist.

Among the participating artists and game developers are:
Jeremy Bailey, Pippin Barr, Aram Bartholl, Troels Hugo Cederholm/DADIU, Will Crowther & Don Woods, Die Gute Fabrik, Mark Essen, Harun Farocki, Cao Fei, Søren Thilo Funder, Riley Harmon, Timothy Hutchings, Michael Johansson, David Kraftsow, Walter Langelaar, Ludic Society, Media Molecule, Nauhgty Dog, Julian Oliver, Guillaume Reymond, Rockstar Games, Taito, Jacob Tækker, Valve Software, Marieke Verbiesen, Bill Viola og USC Game Innovation Lab.

The exhibition has been produced in collaboration with FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) in Liverpool and Netherlands Media Art Institute in Amsterdam.