Svend-Allan Sørensen: We'll meet again

4. September 2010 to 7. November 2010

The exhibition "We'll meet again" revolved around our relationship to nature - about life and death, and about hunting and the identity of the hunter and the human.
In a humorous and subtle combination of video, installation and graphics we were confronted with life, death and the happy hunting grounds.

Artist Svend-Allan Sørensen's philosophy is that in order to be able to reflect on nature one has to be indoors, and in order to come face to face with one's own loneliness one has to be social. Based on these reflections he had created an exhibition in which existential thoughts were given free rein - different, ironic and funny.

In a modern still life a turkey, a fox and a roebuck sang the Danish 70's protest rock classic "I kan ikke slå os ihjel!" ("You cannot kill us!"), accompanied by a cat, a raven and assorted songbirds singing the chorus. The soundtrack had come into being as a collaboration of various new talents of the Danish music and poetry scenes: Jacob Bellens, Mads Mouritz, Solveig Sandnes, Lone Hørslev, Dy Plambeck, and others.
Another element of the exhibition were text quotations by Danish poets such as Peter Laugesen and Lone Hørslev; others originated from major figures within modern music such as Metallica's James Hetfield and country legend Johnny Cash.

Apart from offering a musical and literary insight into the cycle of nature and the hunted there was the opportunity to put oneself into the position of the hunter: a video projection took one through the many themes of hunting - without, however, releasing a single shot. The idea of the solitary hunter at 1:1 eye level with nature was presented in a ramshackle wooden shed inspired by mid-19th century American pioneer life. And high up in a tree-top a tawny owl sang its own expressive and melancholic version of the country classic "I'm so lonesome I could cry".

With this exhibition Svend-Allan Sørensen raised common human and yet unusual questions such as: as an individual and as a hunter, is one alone in nature, a part of nature's social and manifold life, or the latest link in a long collective hunting tradition?

Svend-Allan Sørensen was educated from the Funen Art Academy in 2002. Among other places, his works have been shown at Vestsjællands Kunstmuseum, Vendsyssel Kunstmuseum, Fyns Kunstmuseum, KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad, Esbjerg Kunstmuseum, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning and Overgaden - Institut for Samtidskunst. He has also made the covers for Lone Hørslev's books "Lige mig" and "Fjerne galakser er kedelige", as well as record covers for Olesen-Olesen's "Kain og Abel" and "Solsort og forstærker".