29. August 2018 to 6. January 2019

TEGN (DRAW) is this autumn’s great new exhibition for adults as well as children at Nikolaj Kunsthal, and it has been created by the Danish artist HuskMitNavn. The entire Lower Gallery is transformed into a colourful universe, in which the artist’s characteristic style and underplayed sense of humour can be experienced from floor to ceiling.

The fantasy is let loose in the exhibition, which introduces an intuitive and immediate experience of different environments – amongst others a set of trains, a farmyard and a museum of ne art. All of them places which invite the audience to become an active part of the exhibition. A range of quirky but recognisable figures can be seen on the walls of Nikolaj Kunsthal, some of them casting out of proportion shadows on the floor, questioning our conception of normality.

HuskMitNavn’s playful and humorous approach to the world and everyday life can be experienced on many different levels in the exhibition, but always with diversity and presence as important preconditions. Tables created by the artist are placed around the exhibition, inviting the audience to sit down and make their contribution to the new worlds, personalities and animals that HuskMitNavn has created sketches for. Everyone is invited to stay as long as they feel like it to see, draw and invent new contexts of the world. Welcome to TEGN!

HuskMitNavn was born in 1975 and lives and works in Copenhagen. Using grafitti as his point of departure he has, since the 1990’s, created a range of outdoor murals and decorations from Hebron to Copenhagen. HuskMitNavn is represented by V1 Gallery in Copenhagen and Charlotte Fogh Gallery in Aarhus. His work has been on exhibition all over the world, in New York, Berlin, Shanghai, Helsinki and Brussels to name a few. TEGN is the largest solo exhibition by the artist to date.