Helmut Newton and Alice Springs:
Us and them

15. August 1998 to 18. October 1998

Helmut Newton and Alice Springs : Us and them

Helmut Newton is perhaps best known for his striking photographs from the fashion world, but his photographs have created new styles in many areas of photography. In the exhibition us and them, Newton's photographs were placed side by side with photographs taken by his wife, Alice Springs. Among the 160 photographs from the exhibition, there were portraits of their friends, self-portraits and photographs from their professional and private lives. 

The exhibition was accompanied by a catalogue showing the pictures 
in the exhibition. The catalogue was published by SCALO in Zurich.

Most people associate the name Helmut Newton with photographs from, for example, A World without Men, Big Nudes and Naked and Dressed in Hollywood as three of the photographer's books/exhibitions are called. Newton's world of pictures is also characterised by what is being called decadent eroticism, where the sado-masochistic and voyeuristic undercurrent has given him the nickname "King of Kink". 

Newton is nevertheless one of his generation's largest style-creating photographers, and his easily recognisable pictures, executed in both composition and lighting, and always with a point or story, still exert influence today on young photographers. 

But what is the position of Helmut Newton, the private person - a man who passionately throughout his entire life has photographed not just the familiar staged motifs or portraits of people from above all the worlds of film and fashion, but also everything that has ever touched him as a private person? Is there a connection between the public and the private Helmut Newton? The answer - or the answers - are perhaps found in this exhibition of 160 pictures. 

For the first time, the two photographers Helmut Newton (born 1920) and his wife since 1948, Alice Springs (a pseudonym for June Newton, born 1923) was being set against each other. They met in 1947 in Australia. Newton had arrived there (via Singapore) from his birthplace of Berlin, which he had to leave in 1938. In 1952, they travelled to Paris, from where Newton created a career for himself as a photographer for, among other clients, Vogue.

A heart attack in 1971 became a turning point for him in his career, and after that he concentrated on jobs which he set up himself - jobs which expanded his imagery. At the same time, Alice Springs began to take photographs professionally. She had three hours of instruction from Helmut Newton, and the rest she had to see to on her own, as she states it. 

The exhibition contained Helmut Newton's self-portraits and portraits of Alice Springs, plus Alice Springs correspondingly showing self-portraits and portraits of Helmut Newton. Moreover it was possible to see portraits of people who have had portraits made of them by both Newton and Springs. 

The exhibition was arranged by Jens Henrik Sandberg in conjunction with Helmut Newton and Alice Springs.