Niels Lomholt:
Zoo n/nn 93-99

25. April 1998 to 14. June 1998

Niels Lomholt : 200 n/nn 93-99

Niels Lomholt had worked on this project since 1993. Every year the artist had added a new work of art, so that this was the first time that ZOO n/nn 93-99 was shown in its entirety. 

The project consisted of 5 video installations and a photo series. In the catalogue, Niels Lomholt described how ZOO n/nn 93-99 began. Two zoological museums in Paris had staged exhibitions in different ways which had indirectly illustrated how relative zoology is. In one of the exhibitions, the animals were aggressive. In the other they were attractive pets with human characteristics. The two museums represented the split relationship between western culture and nature. On the one hand, animals are competitors, to be used as part of man's strategy for survival, on the other hand, man longs to be part of nature. 

The sculptural video installations in ZOO n/nn 93-99 created an area where several dramas were acted out simultaneously. The exhibition dealt with the theme of mankind's situation in our universe in various ways. 

Niels Lomholt wrote about his project, "The constant expansion and exploitation of animals touches upon our ethics, morals, health, curiosity, greed, thirst for power and revenge, irritation, love, security and consolation. We have encroached on their territory from all sides, and are now masters of their house. We have gained total victory over ZOOLOGY, but as with all large victories, an even larger defeat lies waiting". 

Niels Lomholt is one of the pioneers in Danish video art and has distinguished himself as one of the most important video artists, for example with the series Gentle Tourism from 1987 to 1990 and1952 C/- from 1992. However, Niels Lomholt not only works with video. Since the sixties he has worked with other aspects of avant-garde art as well, including Mail Art, and has throughout the years developed a varied and very personal artistic praxis. 

In 1996 he staged the exhibition, The Voice of the Demon, as a dialogue with J. F. Willumsen at the J. F. Willumsen Museum, but besides this, then ZOO n/nn 93- 99 was the first time Niels Lomholt presented a large collection of his works at an exhibition.